Porsche Centre Kuwait Collaborates with Waldorf Astoria Hotel During the Holy Month of Ramadan

During a month-long collaboration, Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company, collaborated with Kuwait's leading luxury hotel, Waldorf Astoria, by showcasing Porsche's exclusive vehicle, the Cayenne Platinum Edition.


Through this exciting partnership, Porsche Centre Kuwait and Waldorf Astoria connected with the local community by indulging their guests with in a wide array of traditional Middle Eastern and international delicacies at the exquisite Al Kubbar tent in Waldorf Astoria.


In addition to the month-long collaboration, Porsche Centre Kuwait organized a customized  Ghabka event on the 6th of April for their customers and Porsche Club members taking them on an unforgettable journey of live music, entertainment and a selection of local and international dishes in Kuwait’s most luxurious Ramadan tent.  


Merging passion and luxury, the collaboration was topped off with an exquisite display of Porsche’s exclusive Cayenne Platinum Edition marked off by its numerous model-specific details in satin-finish Platinum and extended package of equipment developed as part of this model’s standard package.   


Keen on delivering to their customers the best experience, Porsche Centre Kuwait offered its customers a special Ramadan package on the Cayenne Platinum Edition model range, including a 4-year service package and exclusive trade-in benefits.


Discover more about the Cayenne Platinum Edition by visiting Porsche Centre Kuwait’s website or heading to our showroom in Al Rai, or contacting us on 1870870.