Taycan Road Trip

5 Key Opinion Leaders experience an entire day with the fully-electric Porsche
Taycan on a one-of-a-kind journey across Kuwait without charging stops

The performance of electric cars has been the center of conversations when it comes to
the future of car manufacturing, more specifically, the performance of electric sports
cars and how they compare to combustion engine cars, especially in countries with
extreme weather and long commuting distances.

Led by actor and television host Mohammed Al-Kazemi, four key opinion leaders took
the electric car challenge to the test, driving across Kuwait on a full day journey and
experiencing the Porsche Taycan’s performance, technology and features, covering
approximately 350 kilometers without having to recharge the vehicle’s battery once.

A journey across Kuwait, spanned from a drive through the urban city to activities at sea and in the desert, Al-Kazemi was joined by his guests Jenan Al-Zeed, Salman Al-
Najadi, Dr. Osama Behbehani, and Mohammad Al-Rasheed and went on to explore the
Taycan’s features, performance and its design.

The guests were impressed by the Taycan’s strong performance across Kuwait and its
different environments. Their highlights covered the vehicle’s stability on the road,
followed with the silence of the engine, the all-touch dashboard and the intelligent and intuitive design that provides drivers with full control via touch operation and the voice control function.
After a full and long-distance journey across the country, Al-Kazemi headed home to
Salmiya with 10% battery charge remaining, enjoying Porsche’s electric sports car with
peace of mind.