Driving Toward Sustainability” series explores the meaning of sustainability, aligning with Porsche’s long-term vision


“Driving Toward Sustainability” series explores the meaning of sustainability, aligning with Porsche’s long-term vision


Aligning with Porsche’s vision which aims for a carbon-neutral balance sheet and a future where 80% of Porsche cars have electric motors by 2030, Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company, launched a series of talks that explore the meaning of sustainability by hosting leaders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts in different fields.


“Driving Toward Sustainability” targets Porsche Center Kuwait’s wide customer- and follower-base, engaging in a discussion that showcases how individuals and corporates in Kuwait’s community are contributing to building a more sustainable future, just as Porsche is with the all-electric sports car, Taycan, and its innovative engineering and smart features.


“Sustainability is all about making conscious decisions for a better future.” This is what the female entrepreneurs had to say about venturing into sustainable entrepreneurship and changing mindsets about consuming fashion and everyday needs. In this episode, Hind Alkhatrash and Sama Alwasmi share their passion and values and how they’ve aligned them to consciously help build a more sustainable future.


Driving Toward Sustainability - Episode 1


Large companies also have a role to play in building a common sustainable future. Chairperson of Agility, Henadi Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Office and Vice Chairman of Alargan Real Estate Company, Engineer Khaled Almeshaan, and Chief Executive Office of Alternative Energy Projects Company, Dr. Hassan Qasem, discuss how their respective businesses incorporate sustainability in their operations, highlighting the importance of investing in research and development and engaging stakeholders in the drive toward sustainability. 


Driving Toward Sustainability - Episode 2


The last talk features two car enthusiasts and Porsche owners, Abdullah Alaskari and Yousef Al-Qahtani, who discuss the future of car making. Believing that driving a Porsche is a journey rather than a destination, they both agreed that the Taycan combined performance, speed and Porsche’s true engineering in a car made for the future.


Driving Toward Sustainability - Episode 3 


Through the many aspects of sustainability, Porsche Centre Kuwait aims to engage in a talk on a sustainable future and how the community at large can contribute to it. The episodes are can be viewed on Porsche Centre Kuwait’s Instagram and Facebook handles.